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In home page of edition good stack
"Bookseller stops to send bookcase, but the carriage previously still has. Open bookcase without personnel, the bill that also does not allow to pay the bookcase that did not open... " in video, arrowroot of American Princeton university thinks of Martin Heijdra of heart library curator to doing the situation since not quite fluent Chinese introduces new coronal epidemic situation. Since closing a shop in March from this year, north America library of 90 many East Asia paper of this book anthology book, purchase, make a catalogue was interrupted.
The books exit that how because is epidemic situation brought about,breaks is interrupted, the restriction that cannot communication of culture of the international below the line have?
On July 10, limited company of Chinese publication group is sponsorred, Chinese books imports and exports (group) head office undertakes " first in cloud of whole world of edition good book is on sale congress " reached academic seminar to undertake exploration.
The book takes cloud stand like flying magpie
" late Qing Dynasty changes password " " the beauty of the ancient objects of the Imperial Palace " " Zen and Chinese literature " " demiurgic write down: The secret of Yunnan ancient tea garden " " Qin Ling: Dusty empire " " bamboo slip learns -- the dug of thought of Chinese ancient time " " Song Ci talk freely " ... the good book of full of beautiful things in eyes, let a person cannot help be being read for fast.
Left course classifies clarity, from law of Marxism-Leninism Mao Zedong Thought, politics, military affairs, economy, to geography of sanitation of art of language character, literature, medicine, history, aerospace, have everything that one expects to find, a list of names posted up of good book of the edition in be being added and writer talk about the video of work, copy is like a contain the treasury of countless fortune.
This is " in edition good stack " home page. Arrived in July 2020 in October, of 3 months when be " in cloud of edition good book is on sale congress " hold on the digital platform that builds designedly in this. Current, place of group of the 20 edition in the home belongs to a press to already went up book of line paper quality more than kinds 20 thousand, electronic book is close 10 thousand kinds, collect with publication of Chinese electron stack, China choose platform to form linkage.
This the cloud is on sale to be answered actively what got abroad colleague, the library that comes from 24 countries and area, bookshop and Yamaxun, apple, Gu Ge, contest is read wait for international channel business to add up to many 150 sign up participate in, enclothe Euramerican country and " one belt all the way " country of along the line, and radiation whole world.
The Chinese books resource that picture company provides in 25% for masses books, basically serve to wait for channel business at the electric business platform such as public library, Yamaxun, OverDrive; 75% for technicality books, basically supply orgnaization of library of college of China and foreign countries, each country national library, professional library, scientific research to wait.
In edition group include China is the longest the famousest publication orgnaization, give a book every year 20 thousand kinds, among them new book is close 10 thousand kinds, successive market of books of home of 17 years of male house has rate first place, have powerful brand force. China publishs Li Yan of medium Inc. general manager to say, the hope is on sale through the cloud, the group resource of high grade content and in the channel of picture company and platform confluence get through, innovation publication is exported and " go " mode.
Yang Jidong of curator of library of East Asia of American Stanford university expresses, books of Chinese of this house holding makes an appointment with 500 thousand, and with annual 10 thousand right-and-left rate increase, basically involve the subject such as Chinese history, archaeology, literature, economy, society, artistic, music. Already collected China press, business affairs to imprint at present press of literature of book house, people, triplex place of group of the edition in waiting belongs to bookshop and Rong Baozhai the high grade books that publication unit publishs exceeds many 20 thousand. He thinks, this the cloud is on sale, open abroad library collects the new page that chooses books of phone of paper of Chinese high-quality goods.
Curator of article of Zheng Jiong of library of Beijing of swallow of university of American haing Buddha suggests, will invite person of the same trade of library of all East Asia to hold cloud meeting regularly henceforth, annual two, set is different theme, it is this medium for instance the press of edition group, can be division of ancient books press or university press, company next time kind press.
The difficult when keep watch and help defend each other is overcome in all
Seminar of the learning on the line after the opening ceremony normalizes what setting leaves domestic publishing house and abroad library to answer strategy with respect to epidemic situation, how to quicken the service upgrades and the problem such as shirt-sleeve development undertook deepness communication and discuss. Come from abroad the honored guest of library of a few colleges and channel trade representing pass the platform on the line to attend this activity with video form.
Close a shop, house member office is in the home, the reader cannot borrow to the house read paper books, school plan cancels all international to travel surely, book of suspensive paper mould is ordered, investigator hopes to offer enough document to help... the unprecedented challenge that the reader service mode that deep-felt feeling is given abroad library holding construction and tradition by epidemic situation brings Zheng bright article. Fortunately, association of library of North America East Asia opens a database freely to library of North America East Asia. He appeals this book and electronic book roll out the press paper together, those who return company of the picture in the hope is easy read a platform to be opened freely this year the end of the year.
Chinese books imports and exports (group) Zhang Jichen of head office executive trustee says: Up to 2020, pursue in the platform of digital resource service of company own research and development reads a 22 thousand home library that already covered 53 states easily. During epidemic situation, the graph coordinated abroad press to open article of 1000 scientific research and information of project of 440 medicaments research and development to domestic library in, coordinate press of more than 140 China to North America 40 libraries open free resource, roll out " China is big book " catalog library, collected resource of nearly 500 kinds of big booklist that cover a book among them, include more than 10 kind such as sanitation of division of philosophy, company, literature, artistic, medical treatment, already had try out of more than 60 domestic and international library.
Zhang Jichen says, during epidemic situation, demand of holding electron book rises sharply, 3 months sales volume was 2019 3 times of annual, stack of Chinese learning electron adds user of many 40 abroad library newly, the history, philosophy, literature kind books is the most welcome. At present library of college of China and foreign countries purchases funds overall drop, good overseas library did not use funds but accumulative total is used. This second cloud is on sale congress, concentration publication of Chinese high-quality goods is on sale on the line, facilitate abroad librarian is collected in time choose books of phone of paper of Chinese high-quality goods.
Because new coronal is quickened,digitlize a trend
On academic seminar, during Wang Chengzhi of chairman of committee of data of Chinese of association of library of North America East Asia introduced epidemic situation North America of library of each East Asia answer way: It is to open books of the digitlization inside use copyright deadline temporarily, include HathiTrust electron book (the fruit that each library joins project of book of cereal song electron, be not this holding book, can the lend on the line 1 hour, can print 1 page only) the country of National Emergency Library with archives of Internet Archive Internet is urgent the library (hind be sued because of 4 presses and in June break down) ; 2 it is to request press and supplier to offer electronic resource to be used freely temporarily (during epidemic situation of committee of this Chinese data free database project, nearly 200 databases that big China area gives priority to, especially stack of electron of learning of library of classical ancient books, China mixes China to read a platform easily to wait, from March 2020 the bottom is used freely to the end of September) ; 3 it is to must arriving to hide especially before the house is used, the digitlization inside closed-door house hides resource especially, open remotely temporarily to teachers and students.
He emphasizes particularly, in the China press of edition group subordinate, business affairs imprints literature of book house, people, triplex the publication that waits for a press, it is library of abroad research sex is indispensable, the database that edition system publishs in and electronic book resource also more and more get abroad scholar and student reception. Epidemic situation is abiding do not retreat, future must more rely on electronic resource to satisfy education and scientific research requirement. Funds change of cut, demand, market is fluctuant, press, supplier and library should communicate collaboration, build each other to give birth to the development environment of mutual benefit, everybody keep watch and help defend each other, the difficult when be being overcome in all.
Qiao Xiaoqin of head of department of Chinese of library of East Asia of Canadian Toronto university expresses: Electronic resource highlights its distinctive importance in this epidemic situation. The change that revolution of 21 centuries information brings, make we are gotten in the resource of resource construction, client side likely, the library serves a respect remotely to explore new approach and new measure.
Enclothe North America the global cent of the digital content such as the electronic book of 95% public library, phonic book sells platform contest to read father to hold presiding apparitor concurrently Steve Bodashen notices, during epidemic situation, new user number appears dramatic violent wind rises, library children work borrows read innovation tall, phonic book demand increases steadily. He thanks Chinese press seasonable accredit, offer agile sale mode to include generosity to output 0 yuan of epidemic situation to prevent for orgnaization user accuse books, for the whole world Hua Wen is read contributed graven mental power.
Steve Bodashen says: "The study of digital books, read it is so important today to never resemble. " (Zhang Zhidan of our newspaper reporter)
" the People's Daily is abroad edition " (on July 23, 2020 The 07th edition)

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